Le Regina



Experience Serene Living


A recent study of the Asian Development Bank showed that the polluted particles suspended in the air of Metro Manila and  its neighboring communities exceeded more than five times the accepted World Health Organization levels. Living in Metro Manila poses great health risks. Findings at the UP College of Public Health show that the incidence of lung problems among children in Metro Manila is 11 times the national average.

The complexities of the world today have brought stress into every home. Constant crises, transmitted to us daily over the radio, TV and Internet, create nothing but anxiety. The Philippine Medical Association says people who seek advice these days have complaints attributed to worry and stress. “Excessive tension can bring about physical ailments, such as indigestion, fatigue, headache, and pain in almost any part of the body including skin diseases.” Stress also weakens brain power and emotional strength impacting on efficiency at work and harmonious social relations in the family and in the community.

Le Regina 

 Live in Le Regina, a healthy alternative to the city. Escape,  from all the stress, and anxiety, city life entails. Live in your own sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle,  you're so used to. Le Regina’s tree-lined avenues welcome you as you approach the guarded Entrance. You  know you have just entered a haven away from all the noise and smog.Fresh air pervades the homes, and  facilities at Le Regina. The village boasts wide pedestrian-friendly spaces with tree-shaded parks, verdant  gardens, and landscaped areas. These areas encourage active interaction, leisurely walks, and private  relaxation. Socialize as you play basketball, or swim. Stretch out, jog, and inhale the healthy air around Le  Regina’s Great Lawn Area. Le Regina – the ideal place for family bonding moments; the modern home you have  long-dreamed of owning - for the healthy, joyful, and serene living of your family.


RENEGRATE YOUR MIND AND BODY!That’s why we call your new home Le Regina- because the serenity of the environment and the healthy air you breathe, regenerate your mind and body; rejuvenating you everyday and ensuring harmonious family relations. A great place to live; a smart investment giving you the most value for your money.About 40% of the 10-hectare property are provisions for open spaces, easements, roads, and alleys; leaving only 430 lots for housing. The well-balanced subdivision plan allows for ample space for more trees and ornaments.